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A great indicator of customer satisfaction is repeat business. At Producers Connection, most of our customers have been doing business with us for more than 5 years. Some of them date back as far as 30 years ago before the merger that formed our company. We appreciate every one of them, and we do not take them for granted. Everyone has a preference for how they do business. We have the flexibility to adapt to many different styles. If you need “handholding” or if you just need a place to put your business, we are a company you can work with.

Responsive large case and underwriting experts.

Ryan Pennel

Managing Partner

John H. Brooks, CLU

Managing Partner

Collectively, our management team has over 62 years of experience in the brokerage business. Over that period, we have experienced many changes in the way business is done, and have learned much from that experience. We are determined that it is our obligation to our valued financial professionals to help them navigate the ever-changing marketplace by staying on top of those changes and keeping them up to date. 

We’ve worked with generations of advisors and agents helping them build and grow relationships.

While, through the power of networking, we offer a broad range of top-rated companies, we are not a product mill. Our greatest asset is service. This includes, but is not limited to, prequalification of the prospect to ensure the right insurance company and rating classification for that client, proactive case management while the case is in the underwriting process (keeping you informed in real time) and pushing delivery requirements through to place the case ASAP.

We feel very strongly that keeping you up to date with all the constant changes with companies, products, regulations, selling strategies and concepts is equally important. We have the resources to identify and communicate those things that will affect your business and even provide you with new opportunities.


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