What is your most important financial asset?... your home? … your investment portfolio?... jewelry?
Whatever you may think it is, couldn’t it be replaced, even if it was NOT insured, as long as you retained one thing… your ability to earn an income?
So, for people who work for a living, that ability is their greatest financial asset.  That’s what Disability Income insurance is designed to protect, and after major medical protection, it’s perhaps the most important coverage anyone can have.
The greatest single cause of mortgage foreclosure in the U.S. is disability, 48% in fact.  And it’s not because the people didn’t have medical insurance, as you may have heard.  It’s because they didn’t have sufficient disability income.  Think about it, major medical insurance pays the majority of your doctor and hospital bills, but it does NOT pay your house note, car note, groceries, and other typical bills.  A severe accident or illness could therefore be devastating to the typical person’s financial picture.
So, when reviewing your client’s insurance, don’t forget to ask about this important coverage. 

For lots more information about Disability Income, click HERE to visit the DI section of the LIFE Foundation's website.  There you and/or your clients can find statistics on the risk, watch a video, and even download a helpful DI Guide

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