Here's some good news for people who have annuities who are trying to find ways to fund LTC expenses. The PPA of 2006 has specific provisions that took effect 1-1-2010 which provides new opportunities for LTC planning. In particular:

  • Cash value withdrawals from certain* non-qualified annuities which are used to pay for LTC expenses, OR for HIPAA tax-qualified LTC insurance premiums, will no longer be considered taxable income, regardless of tax basis!
  • Qualified LTC insurance can now be added to annuity contracts!

Only a handful of products available today are already meeting the requirements above, but WE HAVE THEM!  And, if your client has a non-qualified annuity that is coming up for renewal, and does NOT meet the requirements, you have a great opportunity to talk to them about doing a 1035 tax-free exchange of their current values into one of the new ones! It can generate a much higher benefit than regular annuities when used for LTC expenses, so you need to give us a call when you have a situation like this coming up.

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