Useful Links

We have put together a list of links that we think will help you with your business


Check Diseases and Medical Conditions

Link above takes you to the National Institute of Health, a government agency that keeps up with various health-related issues.  This is a great site for finding out about a particular disease or condition that may be affecting your clients, and perhaps their insurability.  Enter the name of the condition in the A-Z index, and it will pull up lots of helpful information.

Financial Calculators

This link will take you to a great site showing many calculators such as:  mortgage payoffs, how much life insurance do you need, how to payoff credit card early, etc.  It is sponsored by NAIFA, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.  To find out more about NAIFA, visit their website at

Online Term Life Quotes for the Public

This link is to the CompuLife website, and is available to help the public shop Term Life rates for free on the internet.  The CompuLife folks don't sell insurance, but they do sell quote software to agents.  Check it out.

Federal Employees Group Life

If you have clients who are civil service employees, you can find out more about their group coverage at this government website.  (FEGLI)

Military and Veterans Life Insurance

Your clients who are in the military or are veterans have certain group life insurance benefits available to them.  This site will help you find out more about that coverage.  (SGLI and VGLI)


The IRS website provides lot of helpful information and forms.  Just click the link above.

Social Security

This government site will be helpful to you and your clients in finding and explaining the complex benefits and formulas that make up this important program.


All seniors, and people nearing retirement age, need to be aware of this government site that can help them understand their benefits better.

Life and Health Information for the Public and Agents

You need to visit this site of the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE).  There is an agent section and a public section, both of which have helpful product explanations, brochures, and videos.  The LIFE Foundation is sponsored by several industry organizations, including NAIFA, and is designed to help provide insurance education to the general public.  Members of NAIFA get discounts on products ordered from LIFE, and you will find items that will help you market and explain insurance in a common sense manner.

CE Online

If you need Continuing Education credits, you can find courses at various web locations, including WebCE, which the link above will take you to.  Another is  We do not endorse or recommend any particular provider, but we want to help you find resources.

Saving for College

This is an actual website that can give you estimated costs for various schools around the country, and show you ways to save for the costs involved.  Again, it can be helpful to you and your clients, but be sure to check it out before sending clients there so you will understand what the site is about.

Business Strategies

Click on the links below to open PDF sales ideas.  Print them out if you wish: Small Business Ownership

Business Continuation

Business Protection

Employee Benefits

For Use with Employers:

For Use with Employees:

Executive Benefits

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