Life Insurance:

Get instant price spreadsheets comparing Term and/or Guar. UL products from our companies as well as request forms that you can complete online telling us what type of permanent plan (UL or Whole Life) you are looking for.  Read More



Each year, BILLIONS of dollars in Annuities are sold by insurance companies because people are looking for safe, conservative options for part of their money. If you have a Life insurance license, you are generally able to offer these products (fixed annuities) to your clients.  Read More


Long Term Care:

Long Term Care is essentially care that is designed to provide for someone whose health will not be improving, unlike a hospital situation where the goal is to cure or get someone back to a normal lifestyle. Agents and advisors need to ask clients about this potential financial problem.  Read More


Disablity Income:

What is your most important financial asset?... your home? … your investment portfolio?... jewelry? Whatever you may think it is, couldn’t it be replaced, even if it was NOT insured, as long as you retained one thing… your ability to earn an income?  Read More