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  • Life Insurance +

    As an independent brokerage firm, we have lots of plans and companies, and all designed to fill certain needs for you and your clients. We always try to recommend the best overall "value" for you and your client by matching strong company, competitive rate, and fair compensation. Recommending the right type of product should come after an analysis of your client's needs. Select from a variety of different products that can be helpful to you. Read More
  • Annuity Info +

    Each year, BILLIONS of dollars in Annuities are sold by insurance companies because people are looking for safe, conservative options for part of their money. If you have a Life insurance license, you are generally able to offer these products (fixed annuities) to your clients. The staff at Producers Connection, LLC helps agents to sell millions in Annuities every year, and we want to help you provide quality products to your clients. Read More
  • Long Term Care +

    Long Term Care is essentially care that is designed to provide for someone whose health will not be improving, unlike a hospital situation where the goal is to cure or get someone back to a normal lifestyle. Agents and advisors need to ask clients about this potential financial problem. Read More
  • Disability +

    The greatest single cause of mortgage foreclosure in the U.S. is disability, 48% in fact. And it’s not because the people didn’t have medical insurance, as you may have heard. It’s because they didn’t have sufficient disability income. Major medical insurance pays the majority of your doctor and hospital bills, but it does NOT pay your house note, car note, groceries, and other typical bills. A severe accident or illness could therefore be devastating to the typical person’s financial picture. Read More
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